According to a report by the U. موقع مراهنات كرة قدم S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, three companies have removed their Yayita Baby Hammock from the shelves and recommended consumers who purchased them discontinue use of this potentially hazardous product. In August, 2008, FlagHouse Inc. recalled their Yayita Baby Hammock, followed by Kaplan Early Learning Company, and Nova Natural Toys and Crafts LLC each voluntarily recalling their Yayita baby hammock in August, 2009.

The original recall by FlagHouse Inc. شركة بوين followed the report of a baby flipping over in the swing and being caught by the safety straps, suspending the baby upside down. Although no personal injury was caused by that incident, the potential for injury, including falling from the hammock or strangulation by the straps prompted the initial recall last year, and influenced the second and third recall of the yayita baby hammocks this year.

Every year, hundreds of children and babies experience injury or wrongful death caused by defective products that are or are not recalled by the companies that produce them. But though Federal law requires extensive testing of a product before it can be released to consumers for purchase, companies and manufacturers will sometimes fail to inform the government of major known defects.

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