Recent revelations regarding tainted and untested human tissue have led to a number of recalls and warnings about this potentially dangerous tissue that was used on human transplant patients in the US. jeffers ivermectin injectable

Tissue involved in the recall includes human bone, skin, and tendons distributed between October 2003 and September 2005. ivermectina 0.6 dosis

This issue came to light after an investigation by the FDA in 2005 revealed extensive malfeasance in human tissue procurement and testing procedures involving a number of human tissue banks distributing their product to the US market.

The FDA investigation initially discovered inaccuracies in the screening procedures and procurement techniques employed by the company Biomedical Tissue Services, Ltd., based in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Negligence Affecting Tissue Health and Safety

Some of the problems uncovered included tissue that:

  • Was recovered from donors who did not meet donor eligibility requirements
  • Who were not properly screened for disease as required by law
  • With inconsistent and apparently fabricated paperwork
  • Recovered using unsanitary methods
  • May be contaminated or cross-contaminated

Tissue recovered by this firm was distributed among several tissue processing firms, including the following, all of which have issued recalls of affected tissue:

  • LifeCell Corp.
  • Tutogen Medical, Inc.
  • Regeneration Technologies, Inc.
  • Donor Referral Services
  • Lost Mountain Tissue Bank
  • Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas

Risks of Tainted Tissue

Patients who received these tissues may be at risk for serious and even life-threatening disease and infection, as a result of these sloppy tissue procurement procedures. If you have been informed that tissue you received was recalled, see your physician for appropriate testing and treatment for any conditions you may have been exposed to. fda ivermectin compound

Some of the diseases potential victims should be tested for include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis

If you or a loved one think you may have received tainted tissue during a transplant procedure, it is important to contact an experienced medical liability attorney as soon as possible. Robert W. Kerpsack, Co., L.P.A. is ready to assist you and your family. Book a free consultation by filling out our form online, or dialing (614) 766-2000.