Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith: to fairly evaluate and pay your claims. If this duty is breached and the company acts in bad faith, then you may have the right to file a lawsuit against them. Whether your insurance refused to pay a valid claim or failed to offer you the entire amount of damages or coverage to which you are eligible, our experienced Ohio insurance claim attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Misconduct

Some of the most common examples of insurance company bad faith include:

  • A settlement that is unreasonably delayed
  • Refusal to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • Unjustified denial of a valid claim
  • Refusal to acknowledge coverage provided under an insurance policy
  • Refusal to pay under health, disability, or life insurance policies

If your insurance company has failed to promptly settle your claim, offered to settle your claim for less than what you believe you are owed, or misrepresented your claim in any other way, then you may have grounds to file a bad faith insurance case.

Case Example: Car Insurance Bad Faith

We represented a man in his mid-forties who was injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by an uninsured driver. The man presented an uninsured motorist claim against his automobile insurance policy. However, the insurance company made little or no effort to settle the claim.

Frustrated by the insurance company’s inaction, the man’s family lawyer referred the matter to Robert W. العب طاولة محبوسة Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. We immediately filed suit against both the uninsured driver and our client’s automobile insurance company. In accordance with the terms of our client’s insurance policy, we obtained a default judgment against the uninsured driver. انتروباي Remarkably, the insurance company still refused to pay our client’s uninsured motorist claim. Therefore, we sought a court order compelling the insurance company to pay the claim, in addition to punitive damages, pre-judgment interest, attorney fees, and court costs.

If you have paid for car, life, health, or disability insurance, only to discover the insurance company refuses to adequately cover your claims, please contact Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. by phone at (614) 766-2000 or online for a free case review with our experienced Columbus bad faith insurance attorneys. We represent victims of insurance company misconduct in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, and all of Ohio. طول كريستيانو رونالدو