We represented a man in his mid-thirties, who suffered catastrophic injuries when he was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. After leaving the neighborhood bar where he had been drinking beer for several hours after work, the drunk driver drove to a nearby carryout and purchased a twelve-pack of beer. He then drove around town drinking the twelve-pack until he traveled left of center and was involved in a head-on crash.

The injured man’s sister worked in the office of a local lawyer, who referred the matter to Robert W. لعبة كوتشينة Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. We filed suit against the drunk driver and the owner of the carryout. The state-minimum liability coverage limits maintained by the drunk driver were quickly offered. مواقع البث المباشر However, the liability insurer for the drive-thru carryout vigorously defended the action. A sizable settlement was reached with the drive-thru on the eve of trial.

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