Railroad accidents are, unfortunately, almost always devastating to pedestrians and passengers in vehicles. The sheer size, weight, and typical speed of most trains makes them uniquely dangerous. automaty online forum This danger, too, can be exacerbated by poorly maintained railroad crossing equipment, poor visibility, and negligence on the part of the railroad.

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Below is a look at some of the common questions we receive regarding train accidents. legalne gry hazardowe Please review them, and contact us if you don’t see information that may be pertinent to your case:

If I am injured while passenger on a train, is the railroad liable?
What are the duties and responsibilities of a motorist as he or she approaches a public grade crossing?
What are the responsibilities of a train crew as they approach a public grade crossing?
What are the railroad’s responsibilities in providing grade crossing protection?
Why are so few grade crossings protected by flashers and/or gates?