We represented the parents of a fifteen-year-old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a single vehicle collision in which three other passengers were injured. A lawsuit was filed in order to determine how the inadequate limits of the driver’s available liability insurance coverage should be equitably divided among the passengers. We also presented an underinsured motorist claim against the automobile insurance policy maintained by the parents.

After recovering the available limits of the automobile insurance coverages, we established a guardianship of the boy’s estate with the local probate court. how long is ivermectin good after expiration date We also persuaded the health insurance company that paid substantial medical bills on behalf of the boy to waive its right to be reimbursed from the proceeds of the boy’s settlements.

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic brain injury, also referred to as TBI, is an injury caused when the brain is damaged by sudden impact with the skull, also referred to as a closed injury; or with a penetrating injury, also called an open injury.

In either type of traumatic brain injury, the brain can become bruised and swollen, and in some cases, can cause blood vessels inside the brain to rupture, causing bleeding in the cavity. ivermectin-pyrantel liquid

This damage can have devastating results to a victim of traumatic brain injury, including intellectual, social, and mood impairment, as well as physical limitations such as impaired range of motion, loss of bodily control, seizures, and impaired endurance. what heart worm medicine has ivermectin in it

Building Your Brain Injury Case

Because of the long-ranging effects of brain injury, and the difficulty in diagnosing damage to the brain, it is especially important that anyone who has been in a serious accident involving any kind of head injury-including whiplash type injuries in which the head was moved violently without actually impacting anything–be particularly conscious of any sudden changes to their mood, their mental abilities, social skills, sleep patterns, or other behaviors.

If you or someone you care about has sustained any type of head injury, and you notice changes in behaviors such as the ones above, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Undiagnosed and untreated brain injuries can have the potential to become worse over time.

Once you’ve gotten immediate medical attention, your next step is to contact a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney who can help you work through your case and determine whether you have a cause of action against the party responsible for the injuries, to ensure your family’s well being now and in the future.

At the office of Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A., initial consultations are always free, and you’re under no obligation when you meet with us. We’ll review your case and help you take the next step back toward normalcy. Please call (614) 766-2000 to get started.