A wrongful death suit has been filed in the town of Delaware by the boyfriend of a woman killed in a drunk driving accident last November. tippmix fogadás The boyfriend and the couple’s ten-month-old child was injured. The wrongful death suit claims the man’s employer and others who may have served him alcohol should have known prior to letting him get into his pickup truck that he was an habitual drunk driver. The pickup truck hit the rear of a Subaru killing the 36-year-old woman on November 8. niké.sk sportfogadás

The driver of the pickup, a 45-year-old man, had not held a valid drivers license since 1992 and had six previous DUI convictions in Pennsylvania. kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok online He was sentenced last Friday to 29 1/2 years in prison in the criminal part of the case.

One wonders how a man who has recieved so many drunken driving convictions was not in prison, but the law works differently in different states. Sadly, the child of the victim will grow up without knowing their mother, and things of this nature certainly are brought up in court – both at the defendant’s trial, as well as a wrongful death suit.

While it’s important that the driver was punished, it is also important that those who allegedly served the man the alcohol be held accountable. For many people in these situations, a wrongful death suit is the only way to get justice. The child will obviously need care, and that’s part of the damages phase in wrongful death suits. How much earning potential was there, how much will the child need, and what other financial obligations are there? It can sound crass to reduce someone’s life to a financial amount, but this is all we can do to help these individuals who are struggling with a loss most of us will hopefully never know.

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