The families of two Hawaiian inmates slain at the same private prison facility in Arizona have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the for-profit operator of the prison, claiming the company was negligent in its handling of prisoners, leading to the deaths. The families are also suing the State of Hawaii, claiming the deaths could have been prevented if the state didn’t ship inmates to a mainland prison where they are neglected.

The prison, Saguaro Correctional Facility, is operated by Corrections Corporation of America, which runs 60 prisons across the country, housing about 75,000 prisoners and detainees from 25 states, plus municipalities and Federal Inmates as well. The facility only accepts prisoners from Hawaii.

In the filing, the family of the more recently deceased inmate claims that the murder would not have occurred if the prison had classified inmates better. ivermectina para que esta indicado They claim the murdered inmate , who was developmentally disabled, should not have been housed with a violent prisoner with gang ties. The filing also claims that Hawaii did not properly monitor conditions at the facility.

Inmates are not the only victims who have filed lawsuits against the multibillion-dollar private prison industry. The family of a couple murdered by escapees from a different for-profit Arizona prison has also filed a wrongful death suit against the prison’s operator. ivermectina adultos It is alleged that negligent security allowed the inmates to escape, leading to the couple’s murder.

With Ohio also getting into the private prison game, we may see similar situations arise here as well. back order of ivermectin

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