Two men have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Pennsylvania utility for three loved ones killed in a natural gas line explosion in Allentown. The lawsuit alleges that the gas line explosion, which occurred on February 9, 2011, was the result of negligence on the part of utility company UGI.

According to the lawsuit, UGI did not follow recommendations forwarded by the National Transportation Safety Board 19 years before to ensure the safety of aging gas pipelines in the Allentown area. melyik a legjobb online fogadóiroda The lawsuit claims that the 83-year-old gas main developed a “phantom leak” that could have been detected if UGI had utilized advanced training and detection measures. UGI should have been alerted to the possibility of leaks by previous gas explosions that had claimed lives and destroyed homes and been driven to implement the advanced detection measures.

The lawsuit comes six months after family of the explosion’s other victims, a married couple of 70 year-olds, settled with the utility for an undisclosed amount.

In Ohio, many of our natural gas mains are of a similar vintage to those used in Allentown, and many of them need attention to ensure they are not dangerous. Hopefully, a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania utility will inspire Ohio utilities to act before a deadly explosion occurs. sportfogadás adózás

However, if you have lost a loved one in a deadly accident caused by the negligence of utility companies, you may be able to receive compensation with a wrongful death lawsuit. Perhaps this may inspire utility companies to perform due diligence in maintaining gas lines. niké.sk sportfogadás

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