On Saturday, a gas pipeline explosion killed a man and injured five others in Fairborn, Ohio. بيتواي The explosion was triggered when an excavator struck a gas line, and killed the man who owned the excavating company. The negligent backhoe operator and others might be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit, but questions surround the work being performed.

According to city officials, the work was being conducted without a valid permit, something that would typically be required for any sort of water or sanitary service work. However, the person who contracted the excavation company apparently had not filed for a permit, and the contractor had not checked to see whether a permit had been filed, nor did he check with local gas utility company with their usual “call-before-you-dig service, which the gas company says would likely have prevented the deadly accident.

It is likely that the call was not made to avoid alerting city officials to the fact that work was being done without a permit. However, it is unknown whether the person responsible for the covert action was the man killed or someone else who was trying to get work done for cheap. كازينو قطر

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