In July, Dian Schuler killed her daughter, three nieces, and four adults including herself after driving the wrong way for two miles on a well-marked freeway. According to an autopsy report released in August, the woman had been drinking vodka and smoking marijuana before she drove up an exit ramp and onto incoming traffic on New York’s Taconic Parkway, causing a car accident and the death of eight people.

The autopsy said she had the equivalent of ten shots of vodka, and a bottle of the alcohol was found among the wreckage of the woman’s minivan. At least six motorists called 911 before Schuler’s vehicle collided with an SUV, killing its driver and both passengers. ivermectin kills corona virus Other drivers reported a minivan identical to Schuler’s which was being driven recklessly before the incident, including swerving, passing on the shoulder, and crossing medians. ivermectina 500mg

Although individuals can become disoriented and unintentionally drive the wrong way on a freeway, the resulting motor vehicle accidents rarely cause the death of so many people at one time. ivermec pour on for cattle It is not uncommon for one or two people to be killed in a wrong way accident in any given month. Drunk driving is a more common and more deadly cause of car accident deaths.

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