A woman suffered second degree burns on her face after a fire broke out during a procedure in an operating room of the Zeeba Surgery Center. stare gry na automaty online Lauren Wargo was having a mole removed from her face when Dr. Michelow used a medical instrument known as an electrocautery device, which caused a fire.

The jury awarded Wargo $872,000 for the burns she suffered, but then awarded her an additional $425,000 in punitive damages. The punitive damages were awarded as a punishment because Dr. automaty online za peníze Michelow attempted to conceal the cause of the fire from Wargo and her family.

Medical malpractice is a terrible thing and it can cause you to be permanently scarred or injured. Some of the more common forms of medical malpractice include wrong site surgery, nerve damage, and ligament damage. automaty online na prawdziwe pieniądze Incompetent or negligent doctors should be held responsible for their mistakes, and an experienced Ohio medical malpractice attorney can help your recover compensation for your losses after medical malpractice.

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