A Massachusetts woman was awarded $2.5 million in damages because she received HIV treatment for nine years when, in fact, she was misdiagnosed and does not even have the deadly virus. how much is too much ivermectin In her lawsuit against a doctor who treated her, Audrey Serrano, 45, she the potent combination of drugs she took caused a string of medical/psychological problems including depression, fatigue, weight loss, and inflammation of the intestine.

Serrano’s attorney said Dr. Kwan Lai, who treated her at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester’s HIV clinic, repeatedly failed to order definitive tests even after monitoring of Serrano’s treatment did not show the presence of HIV in her blood. mebendazole, niclosamide, and ivermectin are drugs used to treat

The jury reached its verdict after two days of deliberations; the damages could total nearly million including prejudgment interest. fda ivermectine Ms. Serrano filed the lawsuit in after she became suspicious of her diagnosis and had herself tested at another hospital.

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