In New York City, a woman had to have both hands and both feet amputated after an egregious medical mistake left her with blocked blood flow to the limbs. Tabitha Mullings, 32, went to Brooklyn Hospital Center where she was admitted two months ago for a kidney stone. She was given painkillers and sent home but an infection went untreated and blocked blood flow to the hands and feet. She lapsed into a coma for two weeks. When she awoke, she was told by doctors that they had to amputate both hands and both feet. The mother of three is also blind in one eye now. كرت اونو

Mullings is suing the hospital for 0 million and claims she was never even given a blood test to check for the infection that led to her having her hands and feet amputated. اين يلعب رونالدو

She faces a very long, difficult rehabilitation process. مايسترو اون لاين

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