An Ohio woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit to attempt to regain compensation for the death of her son. The lawsuit claims that the helmet her son was wearing at the time of he was involved in an accident was defective, contributing to his death.

The woman’s son was killed in a 2007 motorcycle accident that involved another motorcyclist. The two were racing down the road in excess of 90 mph when the second motorcyclist hit the woman’s son. The impact caused the son to be thrown into the air and hit a tree. ingyen kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok

During the motorcycle accident, the helmet’s chinstrap became separated from the helmet, which allowed the man to suffer a severe head injury. megbízható tippmix tippek The skull fracture that occurred after the motorcycle accident is what ultimately led to his death. sportfogadás foci

According to the motorcycle accident lawsuit, the other motorcycle driver that hit the woman’s son is listed as the negligent party, the seller and manufacturer of the helmet is also listed as liable for injuries for making a defective product, and there are other parties listed in the lawsuit who contributed to her son’s wrongful death.

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