The cause of Whitney Houston’s death is still unreleased, but when her body was found, she was surrounded by bottles of many different kinds of medication, including prescription strength ibuprofen, Xanax, Midol, and others. The bottles were collected by investigators, and coroners will compare the prescription bottles with her medical records to determine which drugs were genuine prescriptions and which drugs may have been supplied illegally. how many ml of ivermectin for people

If Houston’s death is related to the illegal distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, it would make her part of a growing number of people killed by drug poisoning in this country. scabioral Drug poisoning has quickly become a leading cause of death in this country, with the blood money from the deadly trade in drugs going increasingly not to drug cartels, but to pharmaceutical companies who are all too happy to supply the market with all the drugs it can consume for “off label” uses. ivermectin for fly strike in dogs

If you have lost a loved one due to an accidental drug overdose or other side effect that may be due to illegal conduct by drug manufacturers, you may be able to receive compensation with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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