A fatal car accident claimed the life of four people on Easter evening. Two parents and their twin boys were killed when an SUV ran the light in cross traffic. The parents were not wearing their seatbelts, but the children were. Three members of the family died at the scene and the fourth at the hospital shortly after arrival. melyik online fogadóiroda The driver of the other was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Tragic accidents occur all the time, but unfortunately many of them are not accidents at all. Someone could have prevented them, and in this case that someone may be the Ohio Department of Transportation. In the days following the accident, citizens have asked whether the timing of the lights at the intersection may have contributed to the accident. sportfogadás app The intersection where the tragic accident occurred is between two state routes in rural Madison County. Most fatal accidents in Ohio occur in rural areas such as this one. With high speed limits on these rural roads, the traffic lights should be timed to allow enough time for vehicles to come to a stop safely or pass through if necessary, but poorly timed lights could create a dangerous situation, a defective intersection that actually increases the likelihood of accidents.

However, the timing for the light at the intersection where this crash occurred was near the lower limit for transition speed. The light transition from green to red, as timed by reporters on the scene, was about three-and-a-half seconds, where the Ohio Department of Transportation reports that lights should take between three and six seconds. sportfogadás foci With such a short interval, many drivers may feel the need to attempt to speed through the intersection to make the light, which can lead to an increase in high-speed accidents.

If you have lost family members in a fatal accident on a rural Ohio road, there may be many factors to blame, including the state of the road and the timing of the traffic signals. You may be able to get compensation and draw attention to the conditions so they can be fixed and prevent further accidents. To learn more, please call or email the personal injury attorneys at Robert W. Kerpsack, CO, LPA today for a free case evaluation.