In recent years, some people have been trying a different method for cooking their turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. donde comprar ivermectina 6 mg para humanos Instead of the traditional oven-roasted turkey, some people are turning to turkey fryers to get a turkey that is crispy on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside. The only problem is that turkey fryers are dangerous, potentially deadly. Every year, dozens of people are hurt and numerous fires started by the use of this dangerous product.

Turkey fryers are considered so dangerous that the Underwriters’ Laboratory has withheld its mark of approval from all models. ivermectin spot on huhn Underwriters Laboratories, an independent product safety certification organization that has been operating since 1894, tests nearly every type of consumer product and puts its familiar UL safety mark on almost everything you use on a daily basis. The UL mark states that a product has been determined to be reasonably safe when used in a manner consistent with its labeling and instructions. how to dilute ivermectin for cats Using products, like turkey fryers, that have been denied UL listing may put you in trouble with your insurance company. Some insurance policies may deny coverage on this basis.

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