Five men, a Marine Sergeant and four Marine recruits, were waiting at a traffic light when a semi truck impacted several other vehicles and sent their car careening into traffic where it was struck several times. According to witnesses, the semi truck hit a red pickup truck, sending it into a couple of other vehicles, then hit the pickup truck again, which then hit the Marine’s Pontiac G6. The car and pickup were stopped at a traffic light, which had turned green just before the accident, and the semi truck did not stop or slow down sufficiently. Three of the Marine recruits were killed, one dying at the scene, and two more at area hospitals.

The recruits were on their way to Cleveland to spend the night before taking their recruitment oath. Investigators have ruled out brake failure as a possible cause for the truck accident, but are still conducting investigations to determine whether the accident was due to driver error or driving distracted as a result of cell phone use or texting.

Because of its central location, Ohio is a trucking hub, which is good for jobs and the local economy, but it also means that we suffer a disproportionate burden of trucking accidents. Truck accident lawsuits help us balance the cost of these injuries with the economic benefits of trucking.

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