Following a series of truck accidents that led to serious injuries and major traffic delays, the Lebanon and Dayton offices of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will begin stricter enforcement in and around an I-75 construction zone. Both sides of I-75 were shut down for hours by an injury car accident caused by a reckless truck driver. The next day, an overturned semi spilled 40,000 pounds of truck shock absorbers.

In the first accident, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle, and in attempting to regain control, overcorrected, striking the concrete barrier separating the two lanes of traffic in the construction zone. The truck flew over the concrete barrier and landed on a car traveling in the opposite direction. The 16-year old girl inside the car was trapped for hours until crews used a wrecker to lift the truck cab off the crushed Chevy Cavalier and extricate her. She was flown to a Dayton hospital. ivermectina cvs The extent of her injuries is not yet known. A man was also injured, but was released. ivermectin meds for dogs The truck driver was charged with vehicular assault, reckless operation, and failure to control.

In the second accident, the truck driver apparently lost control of the truck and in attempting to regain control caused the vehicle to tip, spilling its cargo.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the two crashes that occurred in virtually the same place are no coincidence, leading to their campaign for increased enforcement. Although signs warn semi drivers to remain in the left lane, both drivers ended up in the right lane, and encountered mud that led to control problems. Enforcement will focus on speeding, unsafe lane changes, and other aggressive driving behaviors that can cause truck accidents, with a special emphasis on violations by truck drivers.

In both cases, motorists were lucky. About 25% of construction zone fatalities are caused by large commercial trucks, according to FMCSA statistics.

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