Bees are not the only animal put at risk by regular shipping across the country. Cows, too, and other types of livestock are regularly endangered when they are packed into trailers and driven on the highway. how does alcohol affect ivermectin Most of the time, these animals make it safely to their destination. Other times, they’re not so lucky.

Earlier this month a truck carrying cattle on I-80 near Hubbard Township, Ohio crashed. About a dozen cows were killed in the semi truck accident. This was no fantastic fiery head-on collision with a BBQ sauce truck. Instead, the driver simply lost control the vehicle. As the driver reached to change the radio station on the dash, the load of cows suddenly shifted. The truck dropped off the left side of the road onto the grass median (perhaps that’s what attracted the cows?), and when the driver tried to regain control, the trailer rolled, spilling cows out. The driver was cited for failing to control his vehicle.

The surviving cows were transferred to another truck and shipped to their destination, a slaughterhouse in Logantown, Pennsylvania where they were killed.

All joking aside, truck drivers who carry unstable cargo like livestock need to be trained to properly anticipate cargo shifts and to respond appropriately. It is likely that if the driver had not reached up to change his radio the accident would not have occurred, and there may have been several other mistakes the driver made that led to the accident. ivermectin past

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident but the cows who were already destined for hamburger heaven. how much ivermectin paste for horses to give a dog But since the accident occurred on a stretch of highway that handles 60-70,000 vehicles a day, the accident definitely put other drivers at risk. If you have been hurt in a truck accident because the driver failed to respond appropriately to circumstances, you may be able to get compensation for your losses with a truck accident lawsuit.

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