In April, the city of Green, Ohio, near Akron, began one of its largest construction projects ever: a two-year improvement of Arlington road through the city, with special emphasis on improving the intersection between Arlington Road and SR 619, also called East Turkeyfoot Lake Road. The construction project received funding partially due to the high rate of accidents. The less-than-one-mile section of Arlington road from SR 619 to I-77 was shown in the Akron Metro Area Transportation Study to have nearly 200 traffic accidents in the studied period from 2002-2004. About 80 of those accidents occurred at the intersection with SR 619.

As a result, the Ohio Department of Transportation approved funding for the project in December 2006. Although the groundbreaking was made in April, it was not until July that the project reached the crucial intersection.

The project will widen Arlington road to give it a dedicated center turn lane. The intersection will be expanded to give Arlington two lanes in each direction. Plus southbound traffic will have access to dedicated left and right turn lanes and northbound traffic will have a dedicated left turn lane. compre simpiox SR 619 will remain one lane in each direction, but will have a dedicated right and left turn lane on both sides of the intersection. stromectol tab 3 mg

It is remarkable, however, that the project does not include more work on Turkeyfoot Lake Road. Of the top twelve accident-prone intersections in the area, four more of them are on this road, and four sections of the road are listed in the top 16 high-crash areterials.

Road projects like this one are often used to address what may be termed defective roadways, roads where the roads and intersections are not properly configured to handle traffic safely. ivermectina grupo farmacologico If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury as a result of a traffic accident on this or another defective roadway, the lawyers of Robert W. Kerpsack Co., LPA may be able to help. Please call or email us today for a free initial consultation.