Toyota was all apologies as it announced its recall of more than 400,000 hybrids worldwide, mostly the Prius model, for braking problems. ivermectin spray This is on top of the recall of millions of defective cars announced recently. Many people accuse Toyota of knowing about the problem for a long time before admitting it and making the recall. mg da ivermectina However, there are some who charge that none of Toyota’s recalls or proposed fixes actually address the real problems. quanox ivermectina precio peru

Previous recalls were for mechanical problems that caused accelerator pedals to stick, but some believe that the actual problem is an electronic throttle control that responds to transient magnetic fields with spontaneous acceleration. There are also charges that the problems with the Prius go beyond the brakes. In a high-profile claim, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claims a software problem is to blame for his car’s spontaneous acceleration. According to Wozniak, when he uses his cruise control under precisely controlled conditions, he can make it suddenly accelerate up to 97 miles per hour.

Although the accelerator problem has been associated with many car accidents and some deaths, the Prius problems have not yet been associated with accidents or deaths.

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