With all the snow we have seen across Ohio this month and with more in the forecast, it is worthwhile to review some tips for avoiding car accidents in winter weather:

Cut down on unnecessary trips. Stay home with a hot beverage and a good book whenever you don’t have to go out. When you go grocery shopping, stock up as much as possible to reduce the need for additional trips.

Go slow. If you must go out, go slow. Remember to give yourself extra time getting whether you need to go.

Give adequate spacing. Remember that being close to the car in front of you does not get you to your destination any faster. تطبيق الماتش Allow adequate spacing so you can brake gradually. Braking suddenly can cause you to slide out of control.

Lights on for safety. It’s a simple rule: whenever you have your wipers on, turn on your lights. ملاعب يورو 2022 If you are having trouble seeing, others may have trouble seeing you, too, and your lights will increase your visibility.

Be courteous. Everyone is having trouble accelerating and may have difficulty making turns or merging into traffic. Let up on the gas to facilitate merging cars and try not to block intersections when you stop. When people are more courteous on the roads, everyone’s stress is reduced, leading to a more pleasant drive.

If you follow these simple tips, you will likely avoid a dangerous car accident. العاب كبار اون لاين However, if you are in an accident as a result of someone else not driving sensibly, please contact the car accident lawyers at Robert W. Kerpsack CO., LPA in Columbus, Ohio for a free consultation.