This past Tuesday, June 24, about 320,000 cribs were recalled because they have wooden slats and spindles which can break. The baby would then be potentially trapped and in danger of strangulation. So far that has not happened, although 42 incidents have been reported. Four children have been trapped and two sustained abrasions and bruising.

These cribs are marketed by Jardine Enterprises, which is based in Taiwan. They were manufactured in China and Vietnam, and in the U.S. they were sold between January, 2002 and May, 2008 at major retailers. Toys ‘R’ Us carried them, as did Babies ‘R’ Us and the cost was between $150 and $450.

Jardine baby furniture is popular and known for being good quality for the price you pay. You can see photos of a dozen or so of their cribs on the Babies ‘R Us website.

The models affected were Berkley, Hilton, Positano, Spindle and Windsor. If you have any of these cribs, you are asked to stop using them immediately and contact Jardine. They will issue a voucher so that you can buy a new crib.

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