According to a witness on the scene, talking on her cell phone may have caused a 27-year-old pregnant woman to cross the center line on Airport Highway in Toledo and strike another car head-on, killing herself and the two people in the other car. quanox dosis para niños Her baby, born by emergency Cesarean section, is in critical condition.

The woman was traveling eastbound on Airport Highway in her Honda Accord a little before 2pm yesterday, when she crossed the center line, causing the fatal car accident. The driver of the minivan she struck was a retired Toledo police lieutenant, 80 and the only passenger was his wife, 76. Both were killed. According to witnesses, the woman was on the phone with her boyfriend, who came to the scene after hearing the accident on the phone. The boyfriend is the father of the child. goat dosage ivermectin pour on

Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly common cause of deadly traffic accidents. People are urged to avoid accidents of this type by stopping alongside the road to make important phone calls and putting off nonessential calls until arriving at a destination.

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