An inspector from the Columbus, Ohio office of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) prevented the possible wrongful death of a construction worker in Mercerville, Ohio. The inspector was performing an inspection of a worksite when he noticed that a trench was being dug without cave-in protection. Believing that collapse may be imminent, the inspector ordered a construction worker out of the trench. Within minutes, the trench actually collapsed. If he worker had remained in the trench, he could have been buried under six or seven feet of soil, leading to serious personal injury or wrongful death.

Construction site accidents are a leading cause of wrongful death in Ohio, and often fatal accidents are caused or worsened by failure to comply with federal or state regulations about worksite safety. When the accident is the result of an employer’s action, workers’ compensation determines the extent of death benefits. However, if the fatal accident is caused by the action of another firm at the site, such as a subcontractor or another construction company, a wrongful death lawsuit may be able to help you get compensation for your loss, including lost wages and noneconomic damages.

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