On August 18, 2009, an Ohio teenager was riding his bicycle down a hill when he lost control and swerved into the street. gave .06 ivermectin to possible poodle As he was speeding down the hill, the teen hit an oncoming SUV, flying over the hood and crashing into the windshield.

After the bicycle accident, the teenager was flown to a nearby Ohio hospital to treat critical injuries to his head. ivomec volaille Bicycle accidents that occur when the rider is not wearing a helmet can cause fatal brain injuries when the rider hits the ground or another object.

In this case, it appears that the teenager who swerved into the road caused the bicycle accident, but an investigation may prove otherwise. While this bicycle accident might have been caused by the bike rider, many other bicycle accidents occur every day when inattentive drivers collide with unsuspecting bike riders. ivermectin skin turned black and blue

If a car has hit you or someone in your family during a bike ride, you may be able to recover compensation for the injuries that were sustained during the bicycle accident. Please contact Robert W. Kerpsack, Columbus, Ohio personal injury lawyer to schedule your case evaluation.