This month has been a tragic one for the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OHSP), with two of its patrol cars suffering rollover accidents that killed one trooper and left three others injured. The first accident, which occurred on February 4, in the evening, when the troopers were headed south on Ohio 95 near Toledo, when their vehicle left the roadway, tripped, and rolled over. One of the patrolmen died, the other suffered serious injury. العاب زوجى Both troopers were wearing their seatbelts. In the second incident, which happened early on the 14th of February, the troopers were trying to pull over a speeding motorist on US 127 in Williams County when their vehicle left the roadway, tripped, and rolled over. العب و اربح In the second incident, both troopers, who were wearing their seat belts, suffered minor injuries. casino 777

The incidents underscore several facts about rollover accidents. Most (85%) rollover accidents are single-car accidents. Most rollover accidents occur when a vehicle is “tripped” by an obstacle or change in the road surface, such as when it leaves a paved surface and encounters a soft shoulder. In addition, the majority of rollover accident victims were not wearing their seat belts. Not wearing your seat belt increases the risk of being killed in a rollover accident fourfold, according to data published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In addition, the vehicle you are in can put you at a greater risk for dying in a rollover accident. SUVs are high-profile vehicles with a narrow wheelbase, making them more likely to roll over. Defective tires can also lead to a rollover accident. Once a vehicle rolls over, you depend on the safety equipment of your vehicle, but if your vehicle’s roof is inadequate or the seat belts fail, your risk of injury increases.

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