In preparation for the beginning of a new school year, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is inspecting school busses for accident safety and general roadworthiness. ون كارد السعودية The inspections are planned to ensure that students riding on the busses will be safe in the event of an accident. There are over 10,000 school busses in service in Ohio, and each one is inspected twice a year, a total of over 140,000 inspections from 2008 through 2010. قمار اون لاين

Drivers are also urged to remind themselves of school bus safety tips, including the law that drivers must stop at least 10 feet back from busses that are displaying their red flashing lights and extended stop arms. Failure to do so can result in a citation, and there were nearly 4500 such citations last year. As with most aspects of unsafe driving, Franklin County led the state in drivers cited for passing a school bus when loading or unloading.

Although the majority of people injured were school bus passengers, the majority of fatalities in motor vehicle accidents involving a school bus were in the other vehicle. School bus drivers are only about as safe as regular drivers, and are responsible for about half of all school bus accidents. yyycasino

As schools are getting back in session across the state, drivers are urged to be aware of these vehicles and give them adequate clearance when loading and unloading.

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