Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich from Cleveland, Ohio has reached a settlement with the operators of the House Office Building’s cafeteria in a personal injury lawsuit over a pit found in a supposedly pit-free olive wrap. The lawsuit was filed on January 3, seeking $150,000 in compensation for the injury sustained in 2008.

When Kucinich bought the vegetarian olive wrap, he assumed it did not have pits, but when he bit into the sandwich and encountered an olive pit, he says he sustained extensive damage to his tooth. العاب كسب المال In addition to excruciating pain, the injury required extensive reconstructive surgery, including tooth extractions and several dental implant procedures. The injured tooth supported bridgework and became infected. The antibiotics required to fight the infection caused a severe reaction that meant he had to go to the emergency room. موقع مراهنات عالمي

Rep. Kucinich revealed all the details of his dental ordeal after receiving negative press for filing his lawsuit. العب وربح He said he would not have filed a lawsuit for a minor injury, but the extent of his personal injury made a lawsuit reasonable.

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