As a vital hub for trucking, many truck companies operate out of Ohio, and they are bound to have accidents, but the end of October was bad for Ohio trucking companies. The fatal accident in Georgia involving a Dutch Maid Logistics truck resulted in a charge of vehicular homicide. And a Propane Transport International and Amerigas Propane, L.L.C. truck out of Lima, Ohio, hit an overpass and exploded. Exactly how this occurred is unclear. كيف تربح المال من النت Witnesses describe the truck tipping over before exploding.

The flames from the tanker truck engulfed several nearby vehicles, and four people, including the truck driver, suffered burn injuries and other types of injuries. Although there was fear that the explosion and fire had damaged the interchange where it occurred, crews inspecting the site concluded that the exchange should be able to be reopened quickly. مراهنات سباق الخيل At this point, there have been no charges against the driver, or even a publicly released explanation of this dangerous truck accident.

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