As reported by The Columbus Dispatch, an aluminum plant run by Extrudex Aluminum in northeastern Ohio has been cited for eight different safety violations following the wrongful death of an employee, who was killed by a hot metal rack that held heavy aluminum. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Extrudex Alumnium reacted to hazards at its North Jackson plant with “knowing disregard or plain indifference. at what age can puppies take ivermectin ” Cleveland’s OHSA area director insists that Extrudex “could have prevented this tragic loss by protecting workers from hazards unique to its operation. ivermectin and valbazen will they both paid and not letting an alpaca get mennenga worm

The company’s attorney has released a statement revealing that Extrudex disagrees with the allegations, and intends to dispute OSHA’s findings, pursuing “remedies at the administrative level and judicial level if necessary.” According to the statement, the company believes there is nothing they could have done to prevent the worker’s death. how to order ivermectin for deer

As part of OSHA’s severe violator program, Extrudex faces fines of up to $175,000 and follow-up inspections. The company employs 140 workers at the North Jackson plant.

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