The Ohio Court of Claims recently awarded over $3 million to the family of a woman who was killed in a 2008 car accident. The accident was caused when a box truck hit the potholes on a cold winter morning and swerved head-on into the woman’s Dodge Intrepid. The 49-year-old nurse was driving to work at St. كأس العالم للكريكيت 2024 Elizabeth’s Health Center in Youngstown.

According to the court ruling, the Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) failed to keep the roadway in a reasonably safe condition, and their negligence was the sole cause of the collision. رياضة اون لاين If the potholes had not existed in the roadway, the accident would not have occurred.  

The woman left behind a husband and two grown children, who received damages for the lost wages that she would have earned if she continued to work until retirement age. The family also received non-economic damages for loss of society and mental anguish. عربي اون لاين The judgment is being hailed as a record-setting wrongful death award against the Ohio DOT, and the family hopes that their success prompts the agency to take a more diligent approach to road maintenance throughout the state. As the family’s attorney said: “This is a tragedy that was easily preventable.”

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