The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released its analysis of semi truck accidents and other large truck crashes that occurred in 2007.

Although large trucks account for only 4% of all registered vehicles in the United States, 12 % of people killed in traffic accidents in 2007 died in accidents involving a large truck. Semi trucks accounted for 62 % of all large trucks involved in fatal accidents. لعب العاب اون لاين

In contrast, large trucks represented only 2% of vehicles in injury crashes, and tractor trailers represented only 46% of those large trucks. حساب كاش يو

Truck drivers involved in fatal crashes were much less likely than passenger car drivers to be driving drunk. Less than 1% of truck drivers in fatal accidents were legally intoxicated, compared to 23% of passenger vehicle drivers. Truck driver-related factors were cited for 38 % of fatal large truck accidents, including: speeding, crossing lane boundaries, distraction, and failure to yield the right of way.

Road construction zones are very dangerous places to be with a semi truck or other large truck. العاب في الكويت About 24 % of all fatal crashes that occurred in work zones involved a large truck.

Overall, semi trucks are less likely to be involved in accidents, but accidents involving semi trucks are much more likely to be fatal. Over 80 % of those killed in semi truck accidents are in other vehicles. Although the rate of accidents may continue to decrease, this proportion never changes. Semi truck drivers are among the best drivers out there, but semi trucks are inherently dangerous. The cost suffered in wrongful death and serious personal injury is part of the cost of doing business in trucking, and must be borne by those who also reap the profits of trucking.

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