It’s a common phenomenon: you have to sneeze while driving and you know that when you sneeze your eyes will be closed for an instant, putting you at risk for a car accident, especially if you are performing a traffic maneuver or approaching an unpredictable stretch of highway. However, one driver found out that trying not to sneeze can be at least as dangerous as just letting the sneeze go.

According to the Lorain, Ohio driver charged with starting it, the mid-May multi-car accident near Elyria Township was caused by an inability to stop his sneeze. According to his statement to an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer, he was trying to fight the urge to sneeze, which forced his eyes into squinting his eyes so narrow they “were practically closed.” When he was able to open his eyes again, traffic ahead of him was stopped, and being unable to brake in time, he rear-ended another car, sending that car into a third vehicle, which was driven into a fourth. quanto tempo leva para fazer efeito o remdio ivermectina The not-sneezing driver appears to have been the most seriously injured, as he was the only one airlifted to Cleveland. Two other drivers were treated and released, and others involved either were not hurt or declined treatment.

The true cause of the accident, though, was the construction zone that traffic was entering. As the traffic was being squeezed down to a single lane, the flow stopped, which led to the accident. As you are driving this summer, be aware that construction zones are everywhere and they can change on a daily basis, causing you to merge left one day, right the next. Ideally, construction zones should be designed with sufficient merging space, but this is not always the case, and negligent design of construction zones causes many accidents in Ohio. preco ivermectina

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