A man who was injured when the motorcycle he was riding on hit a drain created by a local road paving company is suing that company. The lawsuit was filed in a West Virginia Circuit Court against Mountaineer Contractors, Inc. play gaminator slots free online According to the suit, the contracting company had paved several roads in Morgantown, West Virginia, and as part of the paving project, certain drain openings were placed in the pavement “at significant depth below the surface of the roadway, creating a hazard to persons using the roadway,” according to the lawsuit.

Daniel Slonaker was riding his motorcycle in July 2005 when his front wheel entered the hole surrounding the drain left by the paving company. tippmix újság Slonaker was thrown over the handlebars of the bike and hit his head on the pavement. He sustained several injuries, including a closed head injury, which resulted in loss of memory and mental impairment. The suit alleges it is the paving company’s fault because the hole and the drain were not marked. gaminator letöltése

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