On Monday night, a 65-year-old woman riding a bicycle was killed in a collision with a pick-up truck in Miamisburg. The fatal auto accident occurred at around 8:15PM on Montgomery Avenue near Dayton-Oxford Road. She was riding alongside a female relative near the intersection when a black pick-up truck driven by a 50-year-old man from Franklin turned right onto Montgomery Ave from Dayton-Oxford Road. The truck was hauling a single-axle trailer. yyy online5  

According to a police report, the man’s truck veered into the left lane of the roadway and struck the bicyclist with the trailer. The woman’s injuries were fatal, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident remains under investigation by the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Without any external protection, pedestrians and bicyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries and wrongful death in an accident involving a car or truck. Many motorists fail to keep an eye out for bicyclists, making turns or maneuvers that put them in danger. لعب الروليت If a driver’s negligence leads to the injury or death of another, they should be held accountable for the losses and suffering they have caused. viparabclub

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