Yaz is a relatively new oral contraceptive manufactured by Bayer, Inc, that has recently been associated with a higher risk of serious complications than other forms of oral birth control. Although all oral birth control pills carry with them an increased risk of dangerous blood clots, several studies have pointed to a few artificial hormones that carry a significantly elevated risk. nyerőgépes játékok ingyen regisztráció nélkül The most recent study, a retrospective consideration of over 33 million woman-years including oral contraceptive users and non-users, was published in the British Medical Journal in August. tippmix élő sportfogadás The active ingredient in Yaz is one of the more dangerous synthetic hormones identified in the study and is known as drospirenone. Yaz is one of what are commonly described as “third generation birth control pills.” Because of the elevated risk shown in these studies, some citizen’s groups have asked that third generation birth control pills be banned.

Hundreds of women, most of them young and without previous health issues, have filed drug injury lawsuits against Bayer after experiencing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms after using the drug.

Bayer has repeatedly been in trouble over Yaz. The company was reprimanded by the FDA for an ad campaign that overstated the drug’s benefits, minimized its risks, and promoted the drug for unapproved uses. As a result, the FDA ordered Bayer to pull the advertisements and fund a $20 million counter-campaign to promote the truth about the drug. In addition, one of the manufacturing plants producing Yaz was found to be producing pills of varying quality. Some had much higher levels of drospirenone than others. ingyen kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok

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