After a second major Ohio city has revamped its rules on how dangerous dogs are classified, some state lawmakers are considering similar changes in the state law. خريطة رالي داكار 2024 The current Ohio law defines a dangerous dog as one that:

  • Hurts or kills a person
  • Kills another dog
  • Is a pit bull or pit bull mix

According to state law, owners of these dogs must confine, restrain, or muzzle the dogs and keep them on the owner’s property.

Last fall, Toledo changed its laws to remove the pit bull language. In June, Cleveland made a similar change to its policies. موقع كرة In both cities, owners have to follow strict regulations to keep the pets under control and must also pay for special premises liability insurance specifically related to the risk of dog bites.

Lawmakers are proposing that the state legislature should change the state laws to remove the pit bull languages. Proponents of the change say it is “fundamentally wrong to say that a certain breed is bad,” and that the “whole obsession with ‘pit bulls’ . صندوق المتاهه . .is a distraction for truly effective public policy on dangerous dogs.” However, proponents of the current law say that it has saved lives and ensures that medical bills are paid for people injured by dog bites.

No matter what the law says about pit bulls, the most dangerous dogs are those that are not properly controlled by their owners. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dangerous dog, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Please contact Columbus personal injury law firm Robert W. Kerpsack, CO, LPA today to schedule a free case evaluation today.