Allison Hugh of the Bronx, New York, brought a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon regarding a botched thigh lift and was subsequently awarded Million. ivermectin gold The plastic surgeon, Ferdinand A. why is it important to drink water with ivermectin Ofodile, M.D., was found by the jury to have failed to warn Ms. Hugh of the possible complications associated with the procedure, and of deviating from appropriate medical practices.

Every year, thousands of women and men have cosmetic procedures to regain the look of their youth, or to achieve the appearance they have always wanted. advicate have ivermectin For most of these men and women, the result is what they wanted. But for many others, the affects of their procedure left them scarred, either physically or emotionally, often times as the result of medical malpractice on the doctor’s part.

In cases like Ms. Hugh’s botched surgery, the result can be emotionally and physically traumatic, and could dictate reimbursement for that pain and trauma. In her case, the jury awarded her $10 million for past pain and suffering, and $50 more for future suffering.

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