You can blame Scientology for many things, but not—in this case—the wrongful death by suicide of a young Virginia man. The 20-year old was visiting his father in early 2007 when he found a gun and used it to take his own life. The boy’s mother then filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the boy’s father, a Scientologist, two members of his church, and the church itself. According to the lawsuit, after consulting with church members about the church’s doctrine, the boy’s father hid his antidepression medication. Scientology is opposed to the use of many types of medication, especially psychiatric medication. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the young man experienced withdrawal symptoms that led him to commit suicide.

However, a US District in Tampa dismissed the action, citing a lack of evidence. ivermectin pour-on for humans According to the judge, there was not enough evidence to establish that the father had hidden his son’s medication. In addition, the judge ruled that there was no evidence supporting the claim that Scientology or Scientologists were complicit in the child’s death. can one overdose on ivermectin

Although it doesn’t always involve a religious dispute, disagreements over medical care between separated parents are common. koupit scabo When a decision by the other parent ultimately leads to the death of your child, you may be able to receive compensation with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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