In Columbus, hit-and-run car accidents are all too common.  Our Columbus Car Accident Lawyers know that hit-and-runs can cause serious injuries, and it can be emotionally devastating when you don’t know who is responsible. Unfortunately, you may never be able to find out who is responsible for your injuries, but the law does provide for compensation.

Steps to Maximizing Your Recovery

  • Call the Police: finding the driver who fled the scene falls to the police. File a report even if you don’t know what happened so the police can gather evidence and use their training to piece together what happened. ivermectin 1 cream for rosacea Sometimes people come forward after the accident and a police report is crucial to holding them accountable. ivermectina preț
  • Gather Information: Get as much information as you can to help track down the perpetrator. Look for witnesses and write down any details you can remember including a description of the car or even a partial license plate number. Record what you were doing at the time, and how you think the accident occurred.
  • Take Pictures:  Pictures of the scene and of your vehicle are crucial to the case. In addition to cell-phone pictures, you may be able to obtain footage from traffic cameras or from nearby businesses with the help of police. ivermectin per pound for dogs
  • Call your Insurance Company:  Be sure to give your insurance company any information you may have about the accident and provide them with the police report. In Ohio, comprehensive coverage cannot be used to cover hit-and-run accidents, so it is crucial to purchase uninsured motorist coverage.

Possibly the most important step you can take to making sure you recover as much as possible following a hit-and-run accident is calling an experienced car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Robert W. Kerpsack. If you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run in the Columbus area call  (614) 766-2000 today to schedule a free consultation.