If you’ve suffered any type of injury, you may be desperately searching for ways to pay for medical expenses, get back to work, and cover any lost wages. If your injury occurred because the premises you were walking upon or shopping in wasn’t properly maintained, our Columbus dangerous premises attorneys may be able to help you file a lawsuit.

The Law Firm of Robert W. Kerpsack can help you determine if you have a dangerous premises lawsuit and can help you collect damages for your injuries. fogadóiroda rejtvény

Man slips and falls. Our Columbus, Ohio premises liability attorneys can help get you compensation for your injuries.How to Determine if You Have a Dangerous Premises Lawsuit? kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok ingyen kockás

When a person owns a home or a business, there is a certain level of care and maintenance that is expected. If a person doesn’t abide by this level of care, they can be found liable for any injuries incurred upon their property. Premises liability cases can be filed for the following:

  • Uneven flooring
  • Dangerous stairways
  • Lack of handrails
  • Wet surfaces that haven’t been properly identified
  • Insufficient security

How Can Our Columbus Attorneys Help

If you’re suffering from injuries incurred on another’s property, our attorneys will do our best to help get you compensation for your medical expenses, insurance expenses, loss of employment and benefits, and pain and suffering. We have been helping Ohio residents get compensated for their injuries for decades and look forward to helping you. totó tippek sportfogadás For a free case review, please contact us by calling (614) 766-2000.