Grieving the death of a family member is one of life’s most difficult challenges. It can feel like it takes a lifetime to recover from the death of any loved one or family member; let alone a tragic death.

While money will not bring your loved one back, it can help in rebuilding the lives of family members and cherished loved ones. If your loved one has died due to any type of negligent, willful or wrongful act of another in the Columbus area, a wrongful death attorney can help.

Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A., is an experienced Columbus wrongful death attorney who represents families throughout Ohio. Please contact our office today by calling (614) 766-2000 for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options.

What is a Wrongful Death case?

There are two key things that need to be proven in the case of wrongful death:

  • The loved one’s death was in fact caused by someone else’s deliberate act, recklessness, or negligence – not caused by a loved one’s own action or inaction
  • Surviving family members need to establish that they have suffered measurable damages due to this event

Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. has decades of experience representing grieving families in wrongful death cases. We promise to do everything we can to make the process easy and as painless as possible. Our team will fight hard on your behalf to get your family the compensation they need and deserve, now and in the future. what does ivermectin do to people if they ingested

If you need the help of an experienced Columbus wrongful death attorney, please contact Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. today or call (614) 766-2000 for your free consultation. We represent families of wrongful death victims in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, and all of Ohio. sheep ivermectin