With the holiday rush upon us, many people are rushing out to snatch up a hover board for one of their loved ones. However, new reports are showing that these little cruising devices may actually be unsafe. There have been many reports of hover boards exploding and causing fires, both while being ridden or while at rest. The Federal Product Consumer Safety Commission has been investigating the devices and found many reported emergency room visits and fires caused by exploding hover boards.

Amazon has even pulled the hover boards from their available inventory out of safety concerns. gyümölcsös nyerőgépes játékok Additionally, most major airlines will not allow hover boards to be transported on their planes for fear of explosion. So, don’t plan on being able to transport your hover board from one state to the other unless you plan on driving. fogadóiroda angolul

With injuries and fires compiling, there are still investigations into the safety or lack thereof of a hover board, but the suggestion is to wait on purchasing your own little futuristic flyer until reports are more finalized.

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