In a tragic helicopter crash on Sunday, January 4, 2009, eight people died and one is in critical condition after the helicopter went down in a marshy area in the lower southwest portion of Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana. ivermectina serve para sarna The chopper was a PHI, Inc. helicopter that had just taken off from the PHI operating base and was headed to an offshore oil platform when it crashed.

A distress signal from the chopper was picked up by The United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center in Virginia, which then alerted the Coast Guard station in New Orleans. Then the Coast Guard launched a rescue helicopter from New Orleans to the scene of the accident in Terrebonne Parish. Early reports indicate the chopper crashed just seven minutes after takeoff.

PHI, Inc. is a helicopter services company that provides transportation to offshore oil and gas, onshore mining, and medical and technical service industries. In June of 2008, four people died in a crash in Texas. Three crew members and a patient they were transporting died after the chopper crashed near Huntsville. ivermectin overdose in cat

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