Snow has been pounding Ohio during the first three weeks of the year. Some places are recording unusually high snowfalls. In addition to the expected heavy snow in the north, the south has also been pounded. For example, in the Miami Valley, for example, they have had 17. tippmix tippek ingyen 9 inches of snow so far this year, making it the largest snowfall since 2007. With all the snow, it is a good idea to remember winter driving tips that can help you avoid a dangerous car accident.

Don’t Go Out–The best way to avoid a car accident is to stay off the roads. If you can put off or combine trips during heavy weather, do it. Also, remember to stock up on groceries so you are supplied in the event you get snowed in.

Go Slow–In a snow storm, haste can make real waste, in terms of serious injuries or death. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and take all the time you need.

Give Adequate Spacing–Even at slow speeds, you may be unable to stop or maneuver quickly, so make sure you are allowing adequate spacing between yourself and other cars.

Wipers on? Then lights on. If you are having trouble seeing other cars, chances are they are having trouble seeing you. To make sure you are as visible as possible, turn your lights on whenever visibility is reduced. nyerögépes játékok ingyen letöltés Even if it’s just a cloudy day, having your lights on can help.

Be Polite–You can help yourself and everyone else get through the rough weather by just upping your politeness a little. Give people room to turn, let them merge in front of you, and make sure you don’t block intersections when stopping. If you do this, people will be less likely to try to force their way in, which can lead to accidents.

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Heavy Snow Leads to Car Accidents, Traffic Problems