A truck driver from Grove City, Ohio was killed in a fiery truck accident near Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday. The exact cause of the truck accident is unknown, but police were warned before the accident that a truck driver was driving erratically on eastbound I-90. كازينو اون لاين 888 Several calls were put in that a truck driver was driving erratically, but by the time the police arrived, the accident had already occurred. افلام العاب About 7:40 in the morning, the driver drifted off the right side of the road and struck a bridge abutment. The double-trailer semi truck burst into flames, and its cargo of industrial batteries spilled acid across the highway. vpn معني

Although police were called to prevent the deadly crash, by the time they were called it was already too late to prevent the accident, which could have caused much more loss of life. The most common causes of erratic driving among a professional driver are fatigue or potentially drug or alcohol abuse. It is unlikely that toxicology tests will be able to give evidence from the charred body of the driver, but no matter the cause, trucking companies have a responsibility to be aware of what their drivers are doing, whether they are driving more hours per day than they should, or using drugs or alcohol to help themselves stay on the road.

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