In mid-January, a bus carrying wrestlers, coaches, and statisticians from Mount Union University sideswiped an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) plow. The plow’s blade cut through the side of the bus, killing one and injuring four others. Now it looks as though the fatal bus accident will be going to a grand jury to determine whether one of the drivers should be charged in the accident.

Preliminary evidence indicates that this crash, like many truck accidents, was the fault of the other driver, not the truck driver. The snow plow was attempting to clear the road during a serious snow storm late at night. trustly kaszinó online The bus driver attempted to pass the snow plow on the right side, lost control, and sideswiped the plow. tippmix When the plow cut into the bus, the wrestling team’s head coach suffered fatal injuries to his head and neck. bet sportfogadás The bus rolled off to the right side of the road.

At this point, officials are keeping confidential many facts relevant to the case, but the grand jury’s findings will no doubt have bearing on the potential for wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits on the accident.

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